Ad Posting Rules

To make sure your ad is published online, read these rules and our Terms of Use before you create your ad

Rules for details within ads

These rules tell you what you can and can't put into your ad, including titles, descriptions, photos and other extra details, such as payment and delivery information.

Contact details

Ad titles, descriptions and images must not include contact information such as your name, address (street, suburb, town), or email addresses.
Your details will automatically be populated from the details you enter in the contact details fields.


You must include a price in the 'selling price' field.
You must not include pricing information within ad titles. This includes:
$ symbol followed by numbers, eg. $27.95
$ & ¢ written as words, eg. twenty dollars fifty cents
numbers written as words, eg. twenty, three, thousand.
references to "Price on Application" or the abbreviation "POA"
Categories exempt from this rule are identified in Categories Rules. However these service-related categories allow the seller to include a price in the ad description if a price is required.

Prohibited items or activities bans the sale or advertising of certain items and illegal activities. Be sure to read our prohibited items policy for a detailed list if you're uncertain about your item.

Offensive language

You must not use offensive language or profanities. may withdraw or alter an ad that contains inappropriate language or information. Read the Usage Rules in the Terms of Use for more information.

Third party intellectual property rights

Ads must not infringe third party intellectual property rights. Infringements include, but are not limited, to the following:
Copying and displaying a third party's logo, product description, photo either from another seller's ad or from any other source. Any alleged infringements of the intellectual property rights of a third party will result in the removal of the ad from

References to third party organizations and websites

Sellers must not make reference to sales or advertising with third party organizations or websites that offer to trade, sell or purchase goods or services outside of

Prohibited payment methods

Sellers must not communicate to buyers to mail cash or use payment methods that are cash transfer services such as Western Union.

Ads must not misrepresent items

The item must be described accurately and honestly in the ad.
Misrepresentation can include:
listing ads in inappropriate categories
entering keywords in the title or description that do not appropriately describe the item
identifying an inaccurate location of the item.

Intent to sell

Sellers must be prepared and willing to sell their item at the time of placing their ad. They must not advertise an item which is not intended to sell.

Displaying ads as a business

If you are wanting to place an ad that relates to items you sell through your business please contact us for more information.

Category Rules

To improve your chances of buyers finding your item, it's important that you list it in the most relevant category. Therefore, we ask that you choose the appropriate category for your item when creating your ad.
Do not 'cross-sell' your item in multiple categories.

Firearm Specific Category Rules

All Firearms and Firearm related items must go within in the Firearms categories and nowhere else on the site, this includes Swap/Trade.
Do not 'cross-sell' your item in multiple categories.

How many categories can I advertise in?

You may select one category per ad.
It's a good idea to select the category that best suits your item so that buyers will be able to find your ad. For example, golf clubs should be advertised in Sporting Goods > Golf .
Note: You must not create more than one ad for identical items.

Listing multiple ads for identical items

A seller may only list one ad for identical items, unless the items differ in attributes, such as colour and size.

Advertising multiple items in one ad

As a general guideline, you should only advertise one item per ad and every ad must only have one selling price.
The advantage of selling only one item in your ad is that buyers will be able to find your item easier when you:
list each item you are selling under the correct category
write an ad title that is descriptive and use keywords and phrases that are specific to each individual item.

Identical items

You may sell multiple identical items in one ad when you:
list one selling price as the combined selling price of all items for sale, and
sell the items all together as one 'lot'.

Non-identical items

You may sell multiple non-identical items in one ad only if the items are closely interrelated and you must:
list one selling price as the combined selling price of all items for sale,
sell the items all together as one 'lot', and
provide details for all items included in the ad.

Garage sales are excluded.
Correct examples
DVD recorders x10 - $2000
80GB dual layer, dual tuner, USV, new condition, $2000 for the lot.
Giant TCR Road Bike and gear - $1600
Bike Med/Large, Shimano Ultegra 10 Groupset, D-lock, front and rear lights, helmet.
All good condition. $1600 for the lot.

Incorrect example
Furniture - coffee table, couch, dining table - $250
Moving overseas and selling all my furniture. IKEA couch $500, coffee table $250 and dining table $700. Will sell separately or all for $1300.

Breaching these rules and policies

Breaching our advertising rules and policies may result in ad cancellation, account suspension and the loss of fees on cancelled ads.

Prohibited content

All ads must comply with the guidelines below and must comply with all applicable laws.

Prohibited ad details

All content within ads must comply with our ad details policy. Ad titles and descriptions must not contain details such as: personal contact details pricing details which differ from the selling price certain HTML tags and scripting offensive language prohibited payment methods

Prohibited images

Images that are, in our opinion, vulgar, degrading, obscene or offensive are prohibited. This includes any images that display frontal nudity or any visual representation of human genitalia or nipple.

Prohibited items reserves the right to remove ads which advertise, sell or cause or permit the supply of prohibited items. Prohibited items include but are not limited to:
-Adult or Erotic Products and Services
-Alcoholic Beverages
-Baby Walkers
-Blood, Bodily Fluids and Body Parts
-Burglary Tools
-Car seats that are expired
-Counterfeit currency, stamps or coins
-Counterfeit Products
-Electronic Surveillance Equipment designed or used primarily to illegally intercept/record the private actions or interactions of others without their knowledge or permission
-Embargoed Goods
-Escort or accompanying services
-Government and Transit Uniforms, IDs and Licenses
-Health or weight loss products
-Illegal Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia (or any mention of)
-Illegal Services
-Hazardous Materials
-Fireworks, Destructive Devices and Explosives
-Identity Documents, Personal Financial Records & Personal Information (in any form, including mailing lists)
-Items which encourage or facilitate illegal activity (such as mod chips or modding services)
-Lottery Tickets, Sweepstakes Entries and Slot Machines
-Massage services
-New merchandise or services from network marketing companies, independent franchisees or distributors, or similar representatives
-Obscene Material and Child Pornographyv
-Offensive Material
-Pets. No companion animals, these include but are not limited to: dogs, cats, fish, birds.
-Pictures or images that contain nudity
-Police Badges and Uniforms
-Prescription Drugs and Devices
-Prostitution or ads that offer sex, sexual favours or sexual actions in exchange for money
-Recalled items
-Satellite products that violate the Radiocommunication Act
-Sexual services, including webcamming
-Solicitation of other users except by placing an Ad
-Stocks and Other Securities
-Stolen Property
-Tobacco Products & Tobacco Paraphernalia (or any mention of)
-Used Cosmetics

* Representatives from reputable direct sale companies (such as Avon, Tupperware, Watkins) are permitted to post one (1) ad in the most appropriate Services Category of their closest City, advertising their presence, or any new product lines or promotions that are available. Any ads in the Buy and Sell sections, or any ads attempting to recruit new representatives will be removed.

Items that infringe third party intellectual property rights

You must not promote or advertise goods and services that may infringe third party intellectual property rights.
These goods or services include pirated, counterfeit or unauthorized:
Television shows
Software including Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) software sold exclusive of hardware or uninstalled.
Video games
Currency, stamps, securities and equipment
Clothing, footwear and headgear
Boot leg audio or video
Copyright circumvention devices, including mod chips for game consoles. This includes using business names or company names which may be construed as offering or promoting goods or services associated with mod chips or pirated/counterfeit software.

Event tickets

While not prohibited by, the re-sale of event tickets (eg: tickets to concerts, theatre events, sporting events) is often controlled by the ticket issuer or promoter of the event.
In some circumstances, the resale of tickets to sporting and entertainment events may be prohibited or restricted under legislation and/or the terms and conditions set by the ticket issuer. For example, in some Provinces, it is illegal to resell tickets for certain events for a price above their face value. Alternatively, the ticket terms and conditions may prevent you from reselling the ticket at all.
In some Provinces, it may also be illegal to buy a ticket which is being sold illegally. It is the ticket seller's responsibility to ensure that the sale of the ticket does not contravene the ticket terms and conditions or any applicable law.
We recommend that you refer to the ticket terms and conditions or contact the ticket issuer for more information before buying or selling event tickets.

Domestic animals general

When advertising domestic animals on, you are responsible for complying with (and ensuring that your ad complies with) all applicable laws, regulations and other legal requirements.
This includes complying with any laws aimed at protecting the welfare of animals and protecting the community generally.

Sports supplements

Sports Supplements can be sold only when advertised as part of a commercial advertisement.

Pet food

Pet food advertisements must:
be for products which are for animal consumption only, and not for human consumption
be sold only when advertised as part of a commercial customer catalogue.

Pet medication

Pet medication advertisements must:
be for products which are for animal consumption only, and not for human consumption
be sold only when advertised as part of a commercial advertisement
be for registered products. Unregistered agricultural and veterinary chemical products must not be listed on

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions by, including:
Listing cancellation
Account suspension
Forfeit of fees on cancelled listings


It is our intention to prohibit ads containing words and/or illustrations that are, in our opinion, vulgar, degrading, obscene or offensive. Items listed in the Art category (including but not limited to, paintings, photography, prints, drawings, carvings and sculptures) must be appropriate for a minor to view.
Photographic art cannot contain images that display frontal nudity or any visual representation of human genitalia or nipple.
In addition, artwork must not depict anyone who is or appears to be a minor.