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Vancouver, BC
I am at the Vancouver shelter. VIEW DETAILS
Richmond, BC
David & Douglas are two friendly rats who are shy at first but will warm up to you when you spend more time with them. They sleep cuddled up close to each other quite often. These two boys need a h... VIEW DETAILS
Port Coquitlam, BC
I am at the Port Coquitlam shelter. VIEW DETAILS
Chilliwack, BC
I am at the Chilliwack shelter. VIEW DETAILS
Luca(lighter One)
Victoria, BC
Luca and Nico are a couple of high energy young ferrets. They will need to go into a home with someone who has ferret experience. Ferrets need a lot of exercise and enrichment. They can be mischiev... VIEW DETAILS
Bald Betty
Sunshine Coast, BC
Bald Betty is, as her name suggests, a hairless Guinea pig, or "Skinny pig". She was born that way and will always be almost completely hairless. Betty has lived with her mother and sister all her lif... VIEW DETAILS
Lacey (5)
Port Coquitlam, BC
I am at the Port Coquitlam shelter. VIEW DETAILS
North Cariboo District, BC
I am at the North Cariboo District shelter. VIEW DETAILS
Sunshine Coast, BC
Annie and Allie are a pair of playful young sisters who love to explore! These girls are a delight to be around, whether they're be snuggling into the hood of your sweatshirt, going for a cruise in th... VIEW DETAILS
Nelson, BC
I am at the Nelson shelter. VIEW DETAILS
Maple Ridge, BC
Bowie and his companion Spice must be adopted together. Guinea Pigs are social and are always better in pairs when possible. These boys are social and come running for their veggies! VIEW DETAILS
Nanaimo & District, BC
Hop is a sweet little 7 month old guy who would do best living as a solo gerbil! You can pick him up by cupping your hands near him and letting him crawl in.Be careful not to squeeze! Did you know th... VIEW DETAILS
Maple Ridge, BC
Did you know rats make the BEST pets for kids? They are NOT nocturnal and are SUPER SMART! They can be LITTER TRAINED!! They are CLEAN! They love toys and to play! Sage and Shilo are sweet rats who l... VIEW DETAILS
Port Coquitlam, BC
Thea loves to snuggle up and nap with her siblings Carly and Charlotte. She loves to explore her cage and hunt for snacks and treats that are hidden throughout her cage. Thea is a little bit more fear... VIEW DETAILS
Winnipeg, MB
I am at the Winnipeg Humane Society shelter. VIEW DETAILS
Results 1-15 of 92