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Kelowna, BC
Likes: cat trees, looking out windows, crinkly toys Dislikes: not having enough toys to entertain me Ideal home: I am a very lovable boy who would enjoy a home with lots of space to roam indoors... VIEW DETAILS
Kelowna, BC
Likes: Running around his enclosure and nibbling on hay and veggies & squeaking when he's excited. Dislikes: Abrupt movements, loud noises and having to share his enclosure with another guinea pig... VIEW DETAILS
Kelowna, BC
Likes: being a part of your family with my wonderful brother Oliver Dislikes: not having enough space to roam around and not getting enough attention from my humans. Ideal Home: A place where m... VIEW DETAILS
Kelowna, BC
Likes: Exploring, perching up high, being told how handsome I am. Dislikes: Waiting for you to realize I am your missing link.... Ideal home: I am very amicable, and would love to join you in yo... VIEW DETAILS
Kelowna, BC
Likes: Calm interaction, couch surfing and seeking out the sunshine. Dislikes: Commotion, busy environments. Ideal home: I am searching for a quiet home with a mellow family. A place I can be my... VIEW DETAILS
Kelowna, BC
Likes: Long naps, soft pats, exploring new places. Dislikes: Confined spaces, too much hands on. Ideal home: I would like a home where I can be an independent cat. I have previously spent lo... VIEW DETAILS
Kelowna, BC
Likes: Being an indoor only bunny that is spoiled by his humans. Dislikes: Not being able to be a part of everything or being ignored. Ideal Home: A Rabbit experienced human, that has lots of s... VIEW DETAILS
Kelowna, BC
Likes: being a part of your family with my lovely sister Willow. Dislikes: not enough attention and not having enough space to roam around. Ideal Home: A place where my sister and I can be a pa... VIEW DETAILS
Kelowna, BC
Likes: Outdoor spaces, routine, chin scratches Dislikes: Not being the center of attention Ideal home: I am a lovely big guy who will steal your heart. I am great with other pets and children ... VIEW DETAILS
Kelowna, BC
Likes: Hanging around with my life partner, Poppet. Dislikes: Loud noises and drafty windows/doors. Ideal Home: Once Bindi is settled, he will sing to you. He are very calm and are used to ha... VIEW DETAILS
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